How to repair a windshield

Contents: Introduction How to avoid chips and cracks Kinds of damage Repair or replacement of windscreen? Depth of damage Damage Size Location of damage Windshield Repair Where to repair damage Windshield repair kits DIY windshield repair Clear the place of damage Cleaning and degreasing Filling a defect with a special polymer compound Alignment and drying...

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What Does if Check Engine Light on

Contents: Introduction What to do when check engine light comes on Reduce speed and load Tighten the gas cap How long can I ride after the signal is lit Turn to the mechanics and carry out diagnostics Buy a scanner and carry out the diagnostics yourself How much...

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What to do if the brakes did not work

Bad or failing brakes are the nightmare of several drivers. Therefore we can provide you with some of the handiest workarounds when it comes to both brakes not working, in hope you’ll never need to use them. Use the motor break,...

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